A Breadth of Knowledge and Market Experience

Spirited Marketing offers expert marketing advice and programs that deliver measurable benefits at a known, controllable cost.

Small software companies generally can’t afford the senior marketing executives they in fact need to take them to the next business level. The use of a marketing consultant gave our company Avand (acquired by Technology One) access to strategic advice and programs that made a difference.

Also, by using a consultancy like Spirited Marketing that works with a range of clients covering many vertical markets, we were able to tap into a breadth of knowledge and market experience that you just can’t get from a single, in-house executive.

Spirited Marketing focused on the development of strategic marketing programs and services and was able to provide additional services such as graphic design, website design and public relations through the Spirited Marketing Network of companies. Spirited Marketing took responsibility for briefing these complementary agencies, maintaining their budgets and ensuring the relevancy and quality of their work. Similar services which we used prior to the appointment of Spirited Marketing were far more expensive but yet less effective.