Brand Identity

Developing and maintaining a consistent Brand Identity is essential for all sized companies when communicating to their customers.

Over the last seven years Spirited Marketing has conducted a number of Brand Identity Workshops.

These workshops involve key stakeholders and, depending on each client’s needs, the outcomes include:

  • Definition of what business the company is in;
  • Identification of the elements of the company’s Brand Personality;
  • Identification of Key Differentiators and the Customer Value Propositions;
  • Identification of the company’s Internal Company Values.

We recommend the results of the brand identity workshop are shared with all staff.

The Key Differentiators and the Customer Value Propositions are then used to update all corporate communications – including collateral, corporate website and sales presentations. The Brand Personality sets the tone for corporate communications and how the company is represented in the marketplace.

Spirited Marketing’s Network can assist businesses in developing a Brand Identity with:

  • Logo development;
  • A Corporate Identity for all client communications;
  • Microsoft Office templates;
  • Production of a Corporate Style Guide; and
  • Development or updating of the corporate website template and content.

What our Clients Say

Seemless Brand Name Transition

By taking a holistic approach to the project, Spirited Marketing was able to provide a seamless transition from one business name to another while protecting our IP and reinforcing our product brand.

Chris Gorry, CEO
Avand (acquired by TechnologyOne)