Market Research

Over the last seven years Spirited Marketing has successfully worked on a number of research projects including:

  • New market development
  • New product development
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Product benchmarking
  • Deal win/loss surveys
  • Project Implementation Satisfaction Surveys

Market Research projects include full statistical analysis of the data. The research results are analysed for any trends and identification of areas needing attention.

Benefits some of our clients have received after conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

  • One company’s perceptions of how their service rates compared to other vendors was not as strong as expected, resulting in a review of how they managed their customers.
  • One company was unaware they were at risk of losing a customer. The survey highlighted the issues enabling them to retain the customer and sell them $180,000 worth of upgrades which met the customer’s needs and increased their satisfaction.
  • One company used the results of their customer satisfaction
    survey to motivate their sales team with a portion of their commission being directly tied to the satisfaction of customers in the region. This resulted in a substantial increase in customer satisfaction in some previously problematic regions.

What our Clients Say

Comprehensive and Insightful Reports

The most comprehensive and insightful reports we’d ever received gave us a solid foundation on which to develop our business.

Chris Gorry, Director
Group Advantage

Surveys that get to the Centre of the Topic

Spirited Marketing made the process of surveying 2000 of our customers extremely simple. Their expertise in developing the right questions to get to the centre of the topic we wanted to explore was invaluable.

Shane Preston, CEO
Solidtec Solutions

Spirited Marketing Always Delivers Value

Spirited Marketing don’t just provide the raw figures but analyse the results and recommend a course of action. That’s delivering value.

Col Hoschke, Director
Glenhaven Investments