Works with all Departments to Achieve Marketing Goals

Even though Spirited Marketing was an external agency its principal Lisa Robinson worked as closely with us as an in-house staff member and enjoyed the same level of trust and communication as our full-time personnel. She also worked not just with the marketing team but also the sales and product management teams which were critical parts of our business. This level of interaction delivered a high level of productivity and quickly saw Lisa being treated by other staff as a trusted advisor.

Lisa was a very effective project manager prioritising work to deliver the best result for the company and working with other staff to ensure they met their deadlines. Her professionalism, her expertise, her tenaciousness and her attention to detail benefited the company in numerous ways.

Spirited Marketing is one of the most professional organisations I have ever worked with and I look forward to working with them again in any future ventures.

Spirited Marketing’s scope of work for Avand included:

  • Creation and maintenance of our company brand and image
  • Identification of key sales messages and definition of our customers
  • Alignment of the company’s capability with our sales and marketing strategies and objectives
  • Marketing communications including management of our public relations, advertising and events, and all associated activities, website updates and client communications
  • Assistance on business plans
  • Product Marketing including Competitive analysis.