Seemless Brand Name Transition

In late 2005 our company, Advanced Data Integration (ADI), was renamed Avand (acquired by TechnologyOne).

As a relatively small, local software company it was critical to us that the name change not interrupt our business, and not cause any concern or confusion among our customers and prospects.

Marketing consultancy Spirited Marketing completely managed the rebranding project for us developing business and communication plans that addressed all our needs and those of our stakeholders including staff, customers, prospects, business partners and media.

By taking a holistic approach to the project, Spirited Marketing was able to provide a seamless transition from one name to another while protecting our IP and reinforcing our product brand.

Spirited Marketing and its principal Lisa Robinson worked closely with our personnel during the project to win their support for the new name and brand, which further supported our external communications programs. As a result our clients quickly came to recognise the new name and continued to treat us as a trusted supplier.

Taking on a new company name also meant a new logo, a new look and feel to our collateral and other company documents, and a new website. For the rebranding to succeed all these elements needed to be developed and launched at the same time. Lisa worked closely with her network of suppliers to deliver the new collateral, web site and associated media program, and ensure consistency across the company and all our communications activities.

Spirited Marketing’s expertise, attention to detail and project management skills were critical to the outstanding success of this project.