Made Our Flagship Event an Overwhelming Success

SolidWorks World Australia was our flagship event of 2007 so we needed an expert organisation to pull together the logistical and organisational aspects of the event, and add value as far as pre-empting potential challenges along the way.

Spirited Marketing coordinated everything around the event – the venue, the caterers, the website and the registrations. At the same time, Spirited Marketing had to manage us, as we were completely inexperienced in handling such events and were still learning what to do and when to do it.

The professionalism of Spirited Marketing could never be questioned. They were exceptionally organised and knew when to schedule each activity to ensure all deadlines were met.

Thanks to Spirited Marketing’s experience and industry knowledge, SolidWorks World Australia was recognised as an overwhelming success, the quality of which exceeded similar events held around the world.