Made Our User Conference a Profitable Endeavour

Avand (now owned by TechnologyOne) held an annual user conference and regularly held, or participated in, other smaller customer and industry events each year.

Spirited Marketing managed all our events and their project management capabilities, business understanding and knowledge of our market base meant these events were properly aligned with our business and delivered measurable returns.

The events were highly targeted, designed either to generate sales leads or get us close to our customers and prospects. By using Spirited Marketing’s services we were able to manage these events without drawing too heavily on our sales and administration staff.

Spirited Marketing also ensured we followed up leads generated from the events so we were always maximizing our return on investment.

Through its own business skills, expertise in sponsorship programs and ability to manage third-party suppliers, Spirited Marketing was able to turn our user conference from a loss to a profit and it was regarded as one of the best-run industry conferences.